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Fencing is a must-have feature when it comes to houses and buildings. It helps to demarcate your house, totally separating it from any land which you don't own. With an erect fence, your privacy is guaranteed and your territory is well defined. Gradually, homeowners are beginning to opt for different designs and forms of fences. Tallahassee Fence Company is your go-to option if you plan on getting quality fence installation. Owing to our many years' experience in fence installation, we have amply experienced fence builders and we would make sure that your fence is molded exactly how you want it. Both household and commercial fencing are within the ambits of our services. We currently offer services to persons and companies in Tallahassee, FL who are truly benefitting from our expertise.

About Us
Tallahassee Fence Company is a trustworthy and assiduous fence company rendering high-quality services to both commercial and private properties. We build privacy fences and commercial fences. It is known that the fence is an essential part of any building. If it is not built well, it can lead to more cost, loss of properties in a case where it falls on valuable properties, hence much attention should be given to fence installation. Our team of experienced workers with several years of knowledge in fence repair, fence installation, etc. promises to offer you the best services through our workers' skills and the provision of highly durable materials. We encourage a client-company-free communication environment to ensure that we meet the exact taste that our client needs.

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Are you in dire need of top-quality fence installation? Have you searched for durable vinyl fences, wood fences, farm fences, or chain-link fences? Well, your search has just ended. We at Tallahassee Fence Company are always prepared to be at your service. Due to our previous projects which had our clients satisfied, we can boldly assure you of nothing short of durability and perfection. Making our clients satisfied is our main goal and we never fall short of it. Our numerous services cover fence installation, fence repair, commercial fence, aluminum fence, and others. As a standard fence contractor, we offer standard services. Our customer service is important to us and losing our clients is a no-go area for us. Our services over time are improved just to meet the taste of our client’s need and satisfaction.


Wood Fences

Wood fences are made out of different kinds of trees which is why there are different types of wood fences. There's the Oakwood fence, the Cedarwood fence More


Vinyl Fence

The vinyl fence is much stronger than the wood fence, it's five times as strong as the wood fence. A vinyl fence can last a lifetime after installation. Unlike wood More

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Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence refers to the end product of woven steel wires. The wires are woven into zigzag shapes to create diamond-patterned holes. Chain link fence More


Aluminum Fence

Clients sometimes want to showcase the beauty of their homes. The designs, flowering et al. Aluminum fences are made of durable metals. They are designed More


Farm Fences

Farm fences are often made of wood. They are installed to prevent the exit of caged animals. The fence is often not built up. It stops at 5fts at most to give sight More



Gates are entrance covers that give fencing a beautiful completion. Gates come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. There are wooden gates, vinyl More

Customer Review

“Tallahassee Fence Company was recommended to me by a friend who had earlier used their services. After the completion of my friend’s relaxation compartment’s wooden fence, I was simply stunned and I decided that I had to get one from them too” – Racheal B.

“Tallahassee Fence Company is a fence company near me. I never thought to employ their services until I saw a friend's Whatsapp status appreciating their well-crafted fence for the new company he just opened. I quickly realized that the name seemed familiar and I was right. They stay near me. Of course, I didn't hesitate to contact them for my fence repair and they did awesomely” –Peterson T.

“I needed to fix a fence for my school. Since it has to do with children, it needed something protective, private but still decorative and Tallahassee Fence Company provided me with just that!” –Martha A.



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We install fences and gates throughout Greater Tallahassee.

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