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Farm fences often come in different materials. The essential reason why farms have fences is to protect livestock from straying away from the territory of the farmer. The fences prevent thieves from attempting to steal livestock. The fences also help to partition different livestock into their different sections. Some animals can naturally not co-habit with each other hence, there's a need for different animal compartments. Another reason for farm fence installation is for the sanitation of the farm. If animals are allowed to move through the length and breadth of the farm, they might not only damage planted material on such farmyard but might also pollute the farm surroundings. However, there are different types and uses of farm fences alongside advantages, talked about below.

Wire Fences
Wire fences are designed with wood and barbwires. The woods are constructed to be horizontally parallel from each other after which barbwire is used to fill the spaces between the wood. The barbwires are however often covered with a net or other materials to prevent the livestock from getting injured. This fencing also helps to keep at peace with neighbors as they would get disturbed and irritated if animals crowded their territories and messed it up. Also, wire fences keep the animals intact and safe. It keeps them from the attack of animals such as snakes and the likes.

Electric Fences
Electric fences are not bad for fence installation. If properly and adequately fixed, electric fences would neither harm the farmer or the animals. The voltage of electricity in an electric fence should never be connected to the power source, rather, the fence can get minimum energy from the sun which would only jolt whoever comes in contact with it. If animals come in contact with it, it should only infuse them with an energy they would run away from and not one capable of killing them. Electric fences are also cost-effective.

Wood Fences
Wood fences are the oldest form of farm fences that exist. They provide an adequate amount of protection depending on which livestock it is. Wood can be used to make little cages for chicks, bigger cages for chickens, and large protective cages for cows, cattle, sheep, etc. The wooden fences just restrict the animals from being able to move outside the territory slated for them. More so, treated wood fences would be best for this as termite-venerable woods can harm the animals whilst destroying the wood.

Woven Barbwire Fences
Barbwire fence installation seems to be a dangerous one but it is not. It just depends on the professionals who fix them. Barbwires can be woven such that the sharp edges stick to the outside of the fence which prevents animals or thieves from gaining access to the fence. Then the other side of the barbwire is tough enough to prevent and restrict the animals from being able to gain entrance outside the fence. Barbwire fence is an affordable fence and it is also cost-effective as long as it is properly fixed by a professional.

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