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Wood fences are a product of different types of woods which is why there are different types of wood fences. Wood fences have a high tolerance for both summer and winter seasons. Wood fences are relatively cheap depending on the wood type which the client prefers. Our wood fences here at Tallahassee Fence Company are treated hence they are not subject to destruction by termites and other wood damaging insects. Below are some of the advantages and uses of wood fences.

Animal Fencing
Wood fences are perfect for restricting animals. They help prevent the animals from leaving their territories unnecessarily. This would in turn help to keep the surroundings outside of where the animals are, clean. The wooden fences are also not fixed tightly on each other. They are not too high but they are high enough to prevent the animals from humping over them. They also protect the animals as they are completely insect-free, hence, insects cannot crawl from out of them to infect the animals. The spaces in the wood arrangement will also allow for much air from the middle of the wood fences, as will the air from on top since the fence would not be tall.

Wood fences guarantee privacy to the extent to which you want them to. They can be built halfway, they can be built to the very top, and they can also be designed in form of chain links. They are the best natural fencing materials. So if you would like your fence to reveal just half of your yard, wood fences are perfect for it. Also, if you would want the wood to cover the yard totally, it would work well for it too.

Relaxation center
Relaxation centers in homes are now a common thing. The family goes outside the major house to a hut-like building to just relax and have fun. Wooden fences can help decorate the relaxation center such that it assumes its own territory. It would look entirely different from the main house and whenever you go there, it gives a sense of a change of environment. More so, if you would rather not have a guest inside your house, you can direct them to your relaxation center still in your yard. Also, these wood fences can work for commercial fences. For example, if you plan to make a fence installation in the relaxation spot for your company, wood fences would be a perfect pick for such.

Other fences but wood fences are not beautiful for gardens because they make gardens look boring. While making a fence installation for gardens, you have to put into consideration that gardens have natural products such as flowers, hence, using wood fences gives a natural blend. Cedarwood is often the best pick for garden wood fences because of its high resistance to pests and insects. Hence protection of the wood from the plant is guaranteed and this will also help the plant to grow better. Painting the wood fence would bring out the beauty and texture of the wood although it isn’t mandatory.

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